summer essentials: f a n c y reagan style

Happy Wednesday lovelies! I hope you are having an awesome week! I am EXHAUSTED and it’s only Wednesday! I did not sleep well on Monday night…like I was up almost all night and only slept three hours! I am calling it “the curse of the creative mind.” I feel like I should trademark that! My mind was racing with ideas and I was planning and making lists most of the night! I know there are other creatives who can totes relate to me on this! Even though I was exhausted yesterday, it was a super productive day despite my lack of sleep the night prior! Woohoo!!!

In honor of the impending 2nd birthday of my sweet little lady (not ready for this. hold me or “hold you” as reagan says when she wants to be picked up and held), I wanted to share a few things that I am loving for her for the summer. A few items on the list are things that she will be receiving as a birthday gifts (shhhhh! don’t tell)…as well as her ahhhhhmazing dress that she will be wearing for her birthday fiesta!

Reagan June'

1. Chewbeads Juniorbeads Jane Jr. Necklace~ I love this concept so much!!! Chew-able beads! I am loving that they came out with a junior version! Reagan will def be receiving one or two of these for her birthday in a couple weeks!

2. Sun-San Sweetheart Sandal in GOLD~ We love sun-sans! I am a HUGE fan of the sweetheart style! It’s so cute and of course, Reagan (and I) have been loving the fancy gold color!!!

3. Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe with GLITTER~ If there was ever a cozy coupe with glitter, you know that it would be moi, who would find it!!!! It is so cute and I am dying to give it to her! I am hoping to give it to her, early, this weekend! I have to talk my hubs into it!!! I cannot wait!!! She’s going to flip! It will also have a glitter monogram on the back! Of course! Love!!!!!

4. Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Trio~ If you have been following me for some time, you know how much Reagan loves her Sugar lip treatments. Ha! She is a total nut and steals mine to use, so I pick my battles and she gets her own! 🙂 We picked up this fun little trio a couple weeks ago and the colors are super fun. She just uses the Rose color. The other two colors are mine. 🙂

5. Automoblox C9P Sportscar in PINK~ The little presidents are huge fans of these lego-esqe cars! They are so much fun and my new go-to gift for their friends’ birthdays! Reagan loves her pink one!

6. Peek Plume Dress~This dress is beyond. I mean really, it is gorg! This is what Reagan will be wearing at her fiesta in a couple weeks! I love it so much! After the party, she will def be wearing this a ton too! Maybe every single day! Yes, I love it that much!

7. Chewbeads Juniorbeads Skinny Charles Jr. Bangle~Another awesome concept from this company! I actually bought these for Reagan back at Valentine’s Day and she loved them! Since then, they have come out with the Juniorbeads. They are perfect for little chubby arms! Reagan loves to be fancy and wear her bangles! Plus, they glow in the dark! How fun is that!!!!!?!

8. Lilly Pulitzer Classic Shift Dress~ We LOVE flamingos in this f a n c y household! This dress is ahhhhmazing and I wish I could find a dress in this print in my size!!!! I would maybe make Reagan wear this every single day too. We could switch out the Peek dress and this! Ha!

9. Piggy Paint~ Hello genius idea! I have a super girly girl who LOVES getting mani/pedis and this is non-toxic nail polish! Available is so many fun colors too! I love the idea of this for her fingers, especially!

So, there you go! A few of my summer faves for my little lady! There is so much that I am loving right now for her though…I think I could have made a list of at least 20 items! Haha! I hope you have a fancy and blessed Wednesday! Halfway through the week! Woohoo!!!!

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