d.i.y. f a n c y pom-pom thumbtacks

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!! Did you see my first birthday giveaway on Insta last night and my bloggity blog post?! I can hardly contain my excitement! I am so excited for all of you!!!! Seriously, don’t forget to go enter! Woohoo!!! So, today, I am going to share the other d.i.y. that fancied up my little office nook in my kitchen. Pom-Pom thumbtacks! These might be the cutest thing ever. I love them. Again they are super simple and easy to do. Don’t you love a simple and semi fast d.i.y? I totally do! These go perfectly with my new fancy bulletin board!

Fancy Pom-Pom Thumbtacks DIY // Fancy Ashley


Let’s get started! Make sure your glue gun is hot and ready to go!


Take a thumbtack and a Pom-Pom and put a dab of glue onto the thumbtack. Then just stick the Pom-Pom onto the thumbtack. Be sure to hold the Pom-Pom on until it’s completely dry or it will slip off. Warning: this is a total crafty project that will most likely result in a finger burn of some sort. I’m used to it because I use a lot of hot glue and I burn myself alllll the time! Ahhhh!

pompom tacks1

IMG_8259I made a bunch of single Pom-Pom thumbtacks!! Love them! How fab is this gold one?!


I also made a bunch of clustered Pom-Pom tacks!  These might be my faves! I just kept gluing on Pom-Poms until I loved how it looked. So fun and as always, so simple!

pompom tacks2

Of course I had to test the Pom-Pom tacks out right way on my new fancy cork board! I LOVE this print! from the amazingly talented Lindsay Letters!!! We all need a “you’re pretty” reminder and these mini prints are so cute! I have them all over my house! 🙂 (I’m giving one of these prints away in my giveaway too! Yay!)


Here is my fancy bulletin board with my fancy Pom-Pom thumbtacks in all its fabulous gold and sparkly glory! Don’t you love it?!


I love it so much!!!!



Make your own fancy bulletin board and some fancy Pom-Pom thumbtacks today! Your house will thank you for the added fanciness! Hope your week is going fabulous!  Don’t forget to enter my birthday giveaway!!!! So easy and these prizes are so great! Have a fabulous day!

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