d.i.y. fancy pom-pom toothpicks

Hello and happy Monday lovelies! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Mine was super relaxing. I barely left the house. It was pure bliss! After the past month consisted of loads of travels, stress, etc, we all needed a down weekend! We cooked our fave chili, watched football, burned pumpkin soufflé candles and had ourselves a faux fall weekend. The air outside was even a crisp 85 degrees! Ha! But, seriously, it was a wonderful and super restful weekend. Honestly, I could use a couple more days like that…


So, since it’s Monday and I haven’t done a d.i.y. in quite some time, it seemed like the perfect day to share one of my simple, fast and super cute fancy d.i.y. projects. Did you see the adorable Pom-Pom toothpicks (Spritz brand) at my beloved Target over the summer? I bought as many  packages as I could find, which wasn’t many. I used them up pretty darn quickly too. I wasn’t even a huge fan of the Pom-Pom colors in the Spritz packages, but I loved the idea of a Pom-Pom toothpick. So, I  had the idea to make my own fancy Pom-Pom toothpicks!! This is an easy peasy d.i.y. and it’s a quick one too…even better! Shall we get started?


the necessities~


Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks


To start off, be sure you have your glue gun heating up. I don’t like when I forget to heat mine, which seems to happen more often than it should! Like I said, this is a pretty simple d.i.y., so you should be able to crank a bunch of these pretties out, in a matter of minutes! Perfect nap time craft sesh in my opinion!

To start off, dab a bit of hot glue on the flat end of the toothpick, then just press your Pom-Pom onto the toothpick! Be careful not to burn yourself! As I have said before, I have a bad track record with hot glue. I burn myself a lot…crafty people woes! Ha!

Random side note: cracking up at the fact that I am wearing Pom-Poms while doing a Pom-Pom d.i.y. I’m going to pretend it was planned that way. 🙂

pom pom 1


Just repeat the above process until you have a good amount of Pom-Pom toothpicks! See! I told you it was super SIMPLE! 🙂

pom pom 2

Don’t you just love how Pom-Poms totally fancy up the most basic items?! Thumbtacks, toothpicks, etc! I totally do! Plus, they just make me smile! They are such happy little things! The possibilities are endless. Every day, I think of new projects for them!


You should try to make your own fancy Pom-Pom toothpicks today! They will be the perfect addition to your next cocktail hour or dinner party appetizer! I have a super fun app that I plan to share later this week and these little Pom-Pom cuties would be the perfect addition! I hope you have a fab-u-lous Monday!!!


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