Christmas Traditions: Siblings Shopping for Each Other

As I mentioned the other day, I love traditions.

‘Tis the season for giving.

As a kid, I can remember my mom loading all of us into the car and heading to Target to Christmas shop for each other.

I grew up in a big family and we all loved going and picking out the perfect gift for each other.

We would each get a cart and head to the toy section and then do our best to hide our purchases from each other.

We all looked forward to it yearly.

I believe this is when my love of gift giving began.

I have been so excited to begin this tradition with the Little Presidents.

Christmas Traditions: Siblings Shopping for Gifts for Each Other // Fancy Ashley

This year, I decided that Teddy and Reagan were ready!

We headed to the local toy store and each of them got to pick out a gift(s) for each other.

My friend came with us so she took Teddy to the girl section and I took Reagan to the boy section to shop.

It worked perfectly and they both had so much fun picking out gifts for each other!

I loved seeing what they both ended up picking for each other because the gifts were just so spot on.

They are both going to flip when they open them!

Reagan struggled a little bit with the concept. She kept telling me “now time for me to pick my gift?” Haha!

They are both so excited to give each other their gifts on Christmas morning! Reagan has only let Teddy’s gift slip a few times. Ha! I keep trying to change the subject anytime she mentions it so that he’ll still be surprised!

Reagan had her gift wrapped in the store so we could hide it from Teddy on the way home. She is so proud of it!


Teddy wanted to wrap his own and he did an awesome job! He picked snowman wrapping paper with pink fringe. He knows his sister well!


I’m so excited to continue this tradition each year.

I can’t wait to see their faces when they open each other’s presents on Christmas morning!

Do you have a tradition like this in your family?


  1. Piper wrote:

    Each year, my brothers and I exchange Christmas ornaments with each other and our parents. It leaves the real “meat” of our lists for the parents to buy, and covers our trees with ornaments that really reflect where the giver was in life each year (like when the littlest brother gave me a fishing Santa to go on my pink and green tree!!).

    Posted 12.18.13
  2. I absolutely love this. You’re so right- what a great way to foster a love of giving. Great stuff, ash! Xoxo

    Posted 12.18.13
  3. I was talking with Robert about doing this exact thing with our kiddos. We didn’t do it this year, but definitely plan to next year. Love it!

    Posted 12.18.13
  4. fern wrote:

    TRADITIONS are very important when raising a family! such a loving act to follow year after year! xo

    Posted 12.18.13
  5. Keisha Dawson wrote:

    What a fun idea! I think I’ll have to start this with my littles this year!

    Posted 12.18.13
  6. britt wrote:

    This is such a great idea for brothers and sisters !! Such a great way to build up sibling closeness ! My son is an only but if we had another my family would def do this I love the idea so much !

    Posted 12.18.13
  7. Amanda C wrote:

    This is so adorable! I am excited to do fun things like this with my daughter and baby #2!

    Posted 12.18.13
  8. I LOVE this idea! We are totally going to do this, this weekend! Thanks, girl!

    Posted 12.18.13
  9. Elizabeth wrote:

    Last Christmas was out Christmas as a family of 4 & I started this tradition with my children then. I also have them do this for each other on their birthdays. I think it’s very important for them to think of their sibling and choose something for them. My son is only 1 so I pick his gift to his sister but he should understand a little batter next year.

    Posted 12.18.13
  10. Shay Shull wrote:

    We do this too! In fact, we’re doing it tonight!! Such a fun tradition!

    Posted 12.18.13
  11. Amanda wrote:

    I love this tradition!! i only have one sibling (a brother) and we did this as well. our favorite part was that these gifts were the only ones that we opened on christmas eve and this made it extra special. we had to wait for everything else until christmas morning 🙂

    Posted 12.18.13
  12. kelley wrote:

    love this 🙂 made me tear up a bit seeing the wrap job by teddy…love how excited he is! i love this memory too!! love you lots, so excited for tomorrow!

    Posted 12.18.13
  13. Tat wrote:

    I love the tradition you’ve started and I am now really curious to have a peak inside those packages, too 😉

    Posted 12.19.13

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