A Very Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas came and went so fast this year.

Well, it goes by fast every year, but I just feel like it was a whirlwind couple of days.

Looking back, I am wishing that I would have hired a photographer to take pictures all day Christmas Day. I’m not even sure I could have found someone to work Christmas Day.

It might sound crazy, but my whole, huge family was here most of the day and I hardly got any pictures!

Since it was our last Christmas in this house, I was extra emotional about it and am wishing I had more pictures of everyone in the house, all together!

I am positive that Christmas will be different from now on. I don’t see everyone traveling to Texas to spend it with us and while I completely understand, it makes me sad.

Lots of tears were shed that day.

But, the lack of pictures that I took, shows how much we all enjoyed the day together.

I may or may not have made my sweet little family of four get dressed up again the next day so that we could get a picture of us all together in front of the tree, once I realized that we hadn’t taken one. It was our last Christmas in this house, we just had to have a picture together in front of our tree!

There is something so special about Christmas when you have children. Watching them in awe of everything is magical. The joy that radiates in their eyes and through their smiles and laughter is something that I wish I could bottle up and keep forever. Teddy was so excited about Christmas morning that he woke up at 5 am. He stayed in his room until Reagan woke up, but we heard him at 5. He may have been up earlier than that. I loved how excited he was this year. Reagan also completely understood everything this year too! She was so excited too! But when she woke up, she kept asking where Santa was. She thought he dropped off the gifts and then waited for them to wake up. Sweet little girl.



IMG_2353 (1)

IMG_2368These Boo slippers were a HUGE hit!

IMG_2380Watching the little presidents open their gifts that they bought each other was the sweetest thing. They were both so excited!!!

IMG_2422This chair that Boo received was also a huge hit. He’s a huge fan of it and so is Reagan. (“From Santa” tag purchased here)

IMG_2445This glitter tree was my gift that Teddy made in school and I love love love it! I can’t wait to start a Christmas tree with all their handmade ornaments!

IMG_2478Love this picture of my sweet guys together.

IMG_9773Reagan received some princess crowns and wands as gifts and asked me to play with her and brought me a crown and wand. “Mommy, you pay pincesses with me?!” How can you say no to that?! This will always be a favorite picture of mine. I cherish these moments that we get to play together!

IMG_9768We continued our Christmas morning tradition of cinnamon rolls, egg casserole (which was the best ever and made with gluten free bread no less!), fresh berries and mimosas! This is a favorite tradition of mine! I love my Spode collection that my mom started for me a few years ago. Nothing says Christmas meal, like eating it on a classic Spode plate. I plan to start a collection for both little presidents at some point too.

IMG_2520They are goofballs.

IMG_2531These two.


IMG_2538Oh how I love these three (well, four, counting sweet Boo!)

IMG_2548My love. I’m so glad this is the guy that I get to do life with.

*My shirt can be purchased here. My pants are J.Crew circa 2012. **Teddy’s shirt can be purchased here (bonus! it’s on sale! I stocked up for the next few years! ha!). ***Mr. Fancy’s shirt can be purchased here. ****Reagan’s dress was purchased in fall 2012 off a Facebook auction page.

IMG_2513I love this picture of Teddy and my nephew, Graham. He keeps telling me he wants “a Graham.” Haha.

IMG_9793My mom and me. We shared a few tears that night. I hate that we won’t be a 2 hour car ride away anymore. Now it’ll be a plane ride. Being that far from my fam is bumming me out. Hoping for lots of visits!

IMG_9791My sister, dad and me! We were cooking up a storm! So much fun!


IMG_9806I love these two pictures of our full house. It was one of the best Christmases and everyone had such a nice time. A full house is the best kind of house. Oh how I  love all my people.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas surrounded by the people that you love and by the people who love you. These pictures bring tears to my eyes knowing that this was the last Christmas that we will host in this house and probably the last Christmas that we will ALL be together. As our friend (who is family) said on Christmas, “It’s the end of an era.” Since we have all spent Christmas together for the past few years. I’m grateful for all the Christmases that we have spent together in this house. I look forward to new memories, but I’m going to miss this.



  1. Shay Shull wrote:

    Ahhhh! What a sweet post! Your family just looked blessed in every picture. Here’s wishing you an exciting 2014 with big changes that will result in big blessings!

    Posted 12.30.13
  2. Nancy wrote:

    Ash What a special Christmas!!! I got a little chocked up seeing everyone together and reading your words. My parents and youngest sister are in Louisiana so I totally get the distance thing. Praying for a smooth move.
    Love you

    Posted 12.30.13
  3. What a special Christmas! I love a loud, happy family!!

    Posted 12.30.13
  4. What a wonderful Christmas, indeed!! No doubt these will be sweet memories you look back on. I’m hoping your new life in Texas brings wonderful blessings you never expected and friends that become just like family to love on you and your family. 🙂

    Posted 12.30.13
  5. Mr Fancy wrote:

    Mr Fancy is getting choked up reading this

    Posted 12.30.13
  6. Jennifer wrote:

    Love, love, love!! Your Christmas looks like so much fun! I ordered that top in black 🙂

    Posted 12.30.13
  7. ME wrote:

    Memories stay in our heart! These look like the perfect ones for the last year in CA. Thanks for sharing your family! Happy New Year to more bright and sparkly times!

    Posted 12.30.13
  8. Julie Joy wrote:

    Awwwwww! Such a beautiful Christmas you had! So sorry for your tears! I’m sure you and your family will make a new tradition for many years to come! it will be just as baeutiful and special! Love the pictures of your kids smiling faces! They look so thrilled! Simply Beautiful!

    Posted 12.30.13
  9. Holly wrote:

    Love! Your family is so precious! My 2 (almost 3) year-old-niece received lots of princess items this year, too, and used her magic wand to turn us all into pretend princesses. Such a cute age!

    Posted 12.30.13
  10. Tiffany wrote:

    Can you please post your gluten free egg casserole. I made one for christmas morning, but didn’t like how it turned out. I would love yours if it worked well!!

    Posted 12.30.13
  11. Kelsey wrote:

    Hi Ashley! I am new to your blog:). Just wanted to say you have a beautiful family! And I too can relate to the sadness of leaving your home. We said goodbye to our first house a couple of years ago now and I still miss it!!! Best of luck to your family in 2014!!!

    Posted 12.30.13
  12. Melissa wrote:

    Hi Ashley! So happy I recently discovered your blog! We too relocated for my husband’s career (with two young kiddos) leaving all of our extended family. So I definitely know how you are feeling. Hard to believe it’s been 15 years and 3 states later but we are settled in the great state of Texas and have made this home. I wish your beautiful family all the very best in the new year. Many blessings!

    Posted 12.31.13
  13. Fancy Gramps wrote:

    It is an honor to have my picture on this wonderful blog! It was an incrediable day!

    Posted 1.8.14

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