How to Wrap the Perfect Fancy Gift

Gifts are my love language.

I love to receive gifts, but I also love to give gifts.

To me, it’s not just what is inside the package that counts, it’s what’s on the outside too!

Wrapping up fancy little packages for my family and friends is one of my favorite hobbies. In fact, I spend hours in my craft suite (my fancy verbiage for my craft room), getting lost in a sea of tulle, tinsel and wrapping paper!

IMG_3368 copy

Today, I want to give you my tips on how to wrap the perfect FANCY gift. You can add a lot of FANCY to a gift in a very basic way…still making the gift look classic, but with an extra touch of fabulousness and pizzazz!


1. Fabulous Wrapping Paper- There are SO many amazing wrapping papers out there. From solid colors to prints, the world is your oyster. The wrapping paper sets the tone of the gift! I am a HUGE fan of everything sparkly and gold. A basic gold wrapping paper can be used in so many different ways. You can dress it up or dress it down. It’s definitely a color that everyone needs to add to their wrapping paper repertoire.


2. Fun Ribbon, Tulle or Twine- Ribbon/tulle/twine is my jam. I love it! I collect it. Tulle is one of my favorite things to wrap around gifts. It’s just so poofy and fabulous. You can’t look at tulle and not crack a smile…probably because when you think of tulle, you think of twirling in a tutu. Either way, tulle is fabulous, so, arm yourself with a few key colors…neon pink, neon green, etc. I also love baker’s twine. I use it a ton! My favorite is  gold and white baker’s twine. Twine is basic and you should always have it on hand. You can fancy up pretty much anything by tying a little twine bow and adding a little hang-tag to it.


3. Cute Cards- I am a big fan of making my own cards, but there are some super cute options to buy as well. I love using little post-its as cards too. They are so cute and the sayings are so fun!


4. Big Toppers- This is where you want to make your bold statement! There are so many different options to use as toppers! You can always use a basic bow, but sometimes a gift just calls for more pizzazz! Enter, tinsel. Tinsel is one of my favorite ways to fancy up any gift. I buy a lot of it at Christmastime and I keep it on hand. I just cut a little bit and make a large and in charge knotted poof on top of my gifts! This is sure to make your gift a conversation piece! Next up, add a pom-pom and/or a tassel (or two!). A tissue paper tassel is so simple and quick to make and it makes the cutest topper for a gift!! Really the possibilities with toppers are endless! Just have fun with it!


Those are my favorite ways to FANCY up my gifts!

So, what about you? What are your favorite ways to FANCY up a gift?


  1. britt wrote:

    I admire your gift wrapping skills I wish I had half as much creativity as you do ! I looove your how tos.and ideas I can apply to my own DIYs 🙂

    Posted 5.15.14
  2. Darling gift wrap. i would be able to tell it was from you without even looking at the tag. Love it!

    Posted 5.15.14
  3. Shay Shull wrote:

    You are brilliant when it comes to wrapping!! I am AWFUL at it! I need you to come up in December and wrap all of my gifts, okay?! 😉

    Posted 5.15.14
  4. SO Adorable!! I love wrapping! I always use wreath decorations – Love your fun, cute ideas you have inspired me with 🙂

    Posted 5.20.14
  5. Adrienne wrote:

    You always have the cutest gifties! Fabulous ideas, as always! For those times that I’m running out of the door and didn’t have time to fancy up the enclosure card, I’ll typically attach the enclosure card (whatever it is, sometimes it’s just a 3″x3″ square of card stock!) with a couple of pieces of fun washi tape! Minimal effort, but works in a pinch!

    Posted 5.27.14

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