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Happy Tuesday, peeps! Yesterday was a pretty exciting day! launched their APP! Now, if you have followed me for awhile, then you may be familiar with Up until now, it has been a way for you to shop my outfits on Instagram, by liking a photo. You do have to sign up to receive these emails. Over the years, this has been a great form of quick and easy shopping for lots of you, but I know that lots of you have said you don’t want to receive emails. Well, the team created this new app which is a game changer, my friends! GAME CHANGER! You can now shop outfits and products on Instagram, Insta Stories, Snapchat, Pinterest and Facebook with screenshot technology!

Here’s how it works!

-You download the app (you can do that HERE) and connect your Instagram account to it! Then you need to allow access to your screenshots. It will only have access to LTK enabled screenshots.

-Then you screenshot a photo in Instagram (or Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat) and within a few minutes a push notification will pop up on your phone screen that says “your screenshot by ‘@thefancyashley’ (or whomever you are screenshotting) is ready to shop!” #Genuis  The logo will be in the corner on the picture, letting you know that the photo is screenshot enabled! All posts with the regular LTK links that we’ve been using the past few years are also screenshot enabled. The logo in the corner just lets you know that it is indeed ready to be shopped with a screenshot! This logo is super helpful for Facebook, Insta Stories, Snapchat and Pinterest, too!

-When you click the push notification, it takes you right to the app so you can shop the look immediately. You can also choose to wait until later and shop the looks that you screenshot, all at one time. You will have a feed that populates based on your screenshots and your likes. You can also still like a photo and have the links delivered right to your inbox if you like that way! This will not change, but the screenshot technology just offers an awesome new way to get details fast and right at your fingertips. I’m just fascinated by this, you guys! The LTK team is amazing!!

See the awesome video HERE to learn more about how the process works!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions! I am always happy to help! Let me know your thoughts on this awesome new app! I know you guys are going to love it! XO!

Download the app HERE

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