How to Remove Your Dip Manicure at Home

Hi friends! Need to remove that pesky dip manicure while we are quarantined at home? I feel you! I had to do mine last weekend and I learned a lot in the process! I’m sharing my tips and tricks and what I used to remove my dip manicure at home! Take a peek!


How to Remove Your Dip Manicure at Home




How to Remove Your Dip Manicure at Home


Step 1- saturate a cotton ball with acetone nail polish remover, then wrap nails in nail clips or foil. I tried both ways, but like the clips because they didn’t seem to leak like the foil did.

Step 2- let nails soak. It took awhile honestly-30 min each hand. My right hand took longer…not sure why? At tip from my lash gal- you can put hands in a plastic bag in hot water and the water can help the acetone work faster, too.

Step 3- after nails are looking like the dip is coming off, use the little hook tool to scrape off excess dip polish.

Step 4- file off any excess polish and smooth out nails.

Step 5- wash hands, add the keratin treatment (optional). I’ve had dip on for years, so my nails felt so weird not having them on. Dip has really strengthened my nails, but I knew I needed some help, so I ordered this treatment.

Step 6- moisturize- your hands will be dry from the polish (and all of the hand washing!)


Removing my dip manicure at home wasn’t an easy feat and I honestly can’t wait to get my dip nails put back on, but I feel like it went as well as possible! Hope this helps you get your dip nails removed, too!


Have a great day! XO!


  1. Debby Seesemann wrote:

    When you use the gel nail polish, did you have to use the UV light to dry them or did you dry them naturally.

    Posted 4.1.20
    • Ashley wrote:

      HI! Check out today’s post for the gel manicure I did at home! No UV light needed! It was awesome!! XO

      Posted 4.1.20
  2. I need to get my acrylic nails off????

    Posted 4.1.20

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