Essential Oils Starter Kit

Hi friends and happy mid week! If you’ve followed me for awhile then you know, I’ve been using essential oils since my kids were babies. I’m excited to share them with you again. They are a huge part of my daily routine, so I am not entirely sure why I took a break from sharing them as much. All that to say, with the current state of our world, I am relying on them even more now for me and the rest of my family and I want to share them with you in case you want to add oils into your daily routine, too! I could truly not live without a few of these oils daily and even the kids use them on a regular basis! The best way to get started with oils (and what I did) is to purchase a kit and here’s why…
essential oils starter kit
The Starter Kit is how I recommend everyone get started with Young Living. It’s by far the most bang for your buck, and it’s the gateway to a Young Living wholesale membership.

Starter Kit Options:

essential oils starter kit

*I started with the Aria Starter Kit

To get started and join our community, ORDER HERE and make sure number 22979260 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields. From there you can sign up as a wholesale member and unlock a number of great benefits. Do not worry, this does not mean you are required to sell or purchase oils monthly. You are signing up to get a starter kit and therefore 24% off retail prices on every oil, forever (Totally worth it! Think of it like a Costco membership!).

If you love using what’s in your starter kit and want to get more of what Young Living has to offer, I recommend signing up for the Essential Rewards monthly auto-ship program. Once you explore all the products (from cleaning supplies (these are my fave!!), to makeup and more!) you will want to start placing those orders and begin your journey to removing toxins from your home at a one-stop-shop retailer!

I’m so beyond amazed at what starting my own businesses has done for me and my family and I am always looking to help women get started with their own businesses too, whether it be oils or clean beauty! Feel free to email me at if you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity and what being on my oily team would look like.

essential oils starter kit

What You Might Be Wondering….

Why Young Living?

Essential oils are everywhere these days, from Amazon to Anthropologie and everywhere in between. Here’s the thing though, without oils being regulated by the FDA manufacturers can put whatever they want on the label “100% pure”, “All Natural”, and it means squat. We use essential oils for far more than just a pleasant smell, we use them to support the functions of our bodies. Young Living is the only essential oil company that has a “Seed to Seal” standard. What is that? Young Living owns all of their own farms, they have the most extensive testing performed on our oils so that you can rest assured that your family will be using the highest quality product without ANY dilution or chemical additives. This is really SO important because you are breathing in these oils and using them on your skin on a daily basis. For more information read here.

How do we use oils?

We use essential oils and YL products all day long. They have become such an integral part of our lives and let me tell you, it is SO empowering to have the tools to combat everyday aliments that come up as a family with our oils. We use them for immune support, sleep support, mood support, we clean our house with Thieves cleaning products (I love the spray that I made), we clean our fruits and vegetables with the fruit and veggie cleaner and I am about to start using their laundry detergent because it’s great for sensitive skin, smells great and NO CHEMICALS. Peppermint, lavender, Thieves are three oils that I couldn’t live without. But, there are so many more!

Young Living has so much more than just oils, you can use their personal and household care products for almost everything you could ever need! I’m SOOO happy I decided to jump back in and share them with you. My only regret is that I didn’t get the cleaning products, etc sooner, because I am loving those! Especially with the cleaning supply shortage in the world today! I’m even more thrilled to have Young Living as an option and I use the Thieves cleaner a TON now!

Okay, I want the oils what do I do from here?

If you’d like to get started, it’s time to purchase your starter kit! To reiterate, you do not have to sell oils or purchase monthly oils as a member, it just means you are getting a starter kit for more than 50% off & will get 24% off retail prices on every oil, forever. Think of it like a Costco membership, you sign up for a year long membership to be able to shop there, YL is kind of the same but you obviously get so much more. To sign up, ORDER HERE and make sure the number 22979260 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields and choose wholesale member.

How will I know what to do with my oils once I get them?

With your starter kit, you’ll get a welcome email and a sweet little snail mail package from me. You’ll have recipes to diffuse and make rollers with, you’ll be invited to our private wellness group on Facebook where you’ll meet all the girls in our community!

What should I get?

I recommend starting with the welcome home starter kit OR the premium starter kit (like I did). This will give you 12 of the most common oils and a diffuser. There is a standard diffuser model for free with purchase or you can upgrade to other options.  I really like the Desert Mist and my favorite is the Aria. The starter kit gives you over $300 worth of product for only $160!!  From there you can always add more (I always suggest adding in the Thieves cleaner and the fruit and veggie wash), but it’s the perfect way to jump in and start learning! *When you order the welcome home kit and sign up for essential rewards, I will send you a diffuser! If you order the premium starter kit and sign up for essential rewards, I’ll send you a set of amber bottles to start making rollers, cleaners and more! To get these items, must be signed up for essential rewards 🙂 

I want to get started, but I don’t want to sell…

That’s totally okay, too!  We are still so excited to have you a part of our community. You can make the starter kit a one time purchase.  But if you ever want to buy more products in the future, your wholesale membership will help you purchase them with a 24% discount.  You also automatically get a personal referral link in case you ever decide you want to share and earn commission.

I think I’d like to sell oils with you…

Amazing! When you sign up, you’ll get an email from me that contains all the info you need to know.  There are over 4,000 families that are in our community, and we are all exploring this world together and sharing tips, tricks and strategies for growing your business.  Plus, so many of these families, mostly moms, have starting booming businesses sharing their passion for essential oils!  We provide all the training and resources you need to get started if you’re looking to build an empire from your kitchen.  And if not, that’s cool too! I’m just excited to help you bring oils into your home either way and I’d love to see many of you grow a business, too!

Where can I get your amber glass bottles, diffuser recipes, etc?

You can checkout my most used essential oils accessories below. There are tons of diffuser recipes, etc on our Facebook page, which you can join once you purchase your starter kit!




Have you tried essential oils yet? If so, which are your favorite? So excited to share more of our journey with you!!


Have a great day! XO!


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Please note that suggestions on this blog are specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from other sources.  Any and all statements made on this website about Young Living Essential oils have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The information and products discussed on this site are not meant to prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease.  If you are suffering from a disease or injury you should consult with your physician.